Living with Eczema Book

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Dr Susan Huang from Dermbytes says:

This book is also helpful for patients and parents who feel alone in their disease.  MarcieMom is frank and open about her experience in taking care of Marcie’s eczema.  I found “Living with Eczema: Mom Asks, Doc Answers!” to be a good blend of background information, up-to-date science, and practical advice and would recommend this book to any eczema patient or parent.

Dr Susan Huang’s full review of the book here. Read also the author Mei’s interview with Dr Huang here. Dr Susan Huang is  a board-certified dermatologist at the Harvard teaching hospital Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and an instructor of Harvard Medical School. Read her interview series on (Mei’s blog) on Parent/Patient Eczema Consultation Tips here.

Ruth Holroyd from WhatAllergy says

I just love the idea of this book. It’s not just a book with explains what eczema is and how to treat it, although it has all that too. It is an insight into a patient/doctor relationship, one where the specialist has the time and the knowledge to answer EVERY question.

Ruth’s full review of the book here. Ruth is a well-known UK allergy blogger who also suffers from eczema, more at Read more about her sharing on managing her eczema, allergies and food intolerance.

Jenny Stradling from I Have Eczema says:

book is excellently laid out and written and will be an asset to those who live with eczema and also for those who don’t but want a better understanding of the condition

Jenny’s full review of the book here and has been passionately blogging her eczema journey since 2013. Read more about her sharing on managing eczema herpeticum.

Paola Bassanese from Energya says:

The book is a useful guide to understand eczema better and focus the attention on how to make living with eczema more comfortable.

Paola’s full review of the book here. Paola Bassanese, MA IR/ES, ITEC Dip., is the founder of Energya Ltd, a company specialising in stress management solutions. Read more about her sharing on managing eczema  as a massage therapist.

Dietitian Natalia Stasenko from Tribeca Nutrition says:

The conversational tone of the book makes it much easier to read for an exhausted parent than a bunch of dry scientific articles.

Natalia’s full review of the book here.  Natalia is a Registered Dietitian (RD) with Master of Science in Nutrition Education from Columbia University. Read her interview series on (Meis’ blog) on Toddler Nutrition here.

Mom of Eczema & Allergy child, Andrea Thomas, owner of ScratchMeNot says:

True to MarcieMom form, she thoroughly dives into the science of eczema in the chapter, “normal skin vs. eczema skin”. Those particularly interested in the science of the body, skin and eczema will enjoy this chapter as it connects the dots of how & why the body responds the way it does.

Andrea’s full review of the book here.  Andrea had shared on (Meis’ blog) on Mom E-votional series: No Longer Allergic!, Someone Managed Eczema series: On Childcare and Mompreneur interview.

Mom of Eczema child, Kelly Northey, owner of Bamboo Bubby says:

This combination of clinical information, questioned and then made understandable to everyday parents is a great mix and quite unique amongst other eczema literature out there. Remembering what it was like to be an exhausted, overwhelmed eczema mum myself, I would have found this book to be a great resource at the beginning of our eczema journey.

Kelly’s full review of the book here.  Kelly had shared on (Meis’ blog) on Someone Managed Eczema series: On Returning to Work and Mompreneur interview.