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MarcieMom shared 5 of the questions she asked Professor Hugo in their book in this post

Living with Eczema: Mom Asks, Doc Answers - the top 5 questions
The book contains many more questions MarcieMom asked, all of which were REAL, without any censorship on what can or cannot be asked!

Professor Hugo and MarcieMom, authors of the book, will be answering questions you have on the book at the GooglePlus community below


turning blues to bliss for children, teens and families

To get your question answered, you’d have to

1. Join the community to post

2. Quote the page of the book which you have question on

3. Type in your question

MarcieMom is moderating the community as +Mei Marcie and for questions that require the authors’ reply, they will be answered using +Hugo MarcieMom. We are answering your questions from our official book launch date 8 Nov 2014, for 6 months up to 8 May 2015! Send in your questions!

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