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Where to Buy Living with Eczema boo

The book has launched internationally in August 2014 and already available for sale below.

Purchase from Amazon at US$22.80 for paperback and US$49.40 for hardcover


or the Publisher (World Scientific) at S$24 for paperback and S$66 for hardcover

If you prefer to purchase the book from bookstores, the books are available in Singapore bookstores at the following:

  • Popular bookstores – All retail stores except Westgate, see full list of Popular bookstores here.
  • Times bookstores – All stores, see full list of Times bookstores here.
  • Kinokuniya at Takashimaya

Books are also available online at above stores in the image! If you have bulk order, do drop me a comment here and I’d ask the publisher to work out a deal for you.

Appreciate loads your support and your purchase, Prof Hugo and MarcieMom wrote this book with a passion to help eczema patients and families.