Living with Eczema Book



Welcome to Living with Eczema – Mom Asks, Doc Answers book site. This site is created by MarcieMom of for this book she co-authored with Professor Hugo and has all the information you need to buy, review and use this practical eczema book.

In 2009, MarcieMom’s daughter was diagnosed with eczema at 2-week old. Struggling with taking care of a baby who scratches 24/7, MarcieMom knows how hard it is to take care of a child with eczema. At around 7-month old, Marcie’s eczema was under control after consultation with Professor Hugo van Bever. Ever since the improved eczema, MarcieMom has passionately devoted her energy to helping families with eczema children, including setting up, support groups and illustrating a children book ‘A to Z Animals are not Scratching!‘ to encourage young children not to scratch.

Professor Hugo is the doctor who first encouraged MarcieMom to reach out to other parents, as many are going through the same struggle. In 2013, he invited her to co-author an eczema book and together their book collaboration flourished.  From the book title, the selection of chapters and the content, this book is written by two authors who intimately know of life with eczema and devote energy to helping eczema families. Knowing how many questions parents have of eczema, every chapter has a section

MarcieMom asks, Professor Hugo answers

Living with Eczema is a close to 200 pages of practical advice, explaining the condition and the treatment. People looking for a miracle cure will not find it in this book though, on the other hand, if you are looking for practical ways to control eczema and understand the condition, this book is for you.